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Tom Manning

A local connection was Tom Manning, a former Longview Rotarian and President of our club during 1973-74. Manning played a key role in the FBI search for the man who gave his name as Dan Cooper and who commandeered a Northwest flight on Thanksgiving Eve 1971, obtained parachutes and $200,000 ransom, and vanished from the plane as it flew between Seattle and Reno on his orders. The hijacker’s name was reported as D.B. Cooper as the incident unfolded that night and stuck as the legend grew. The man was never found, but years later some ransom money washed up along the Columbia River.

Eric Ulis, the author of GHOST: Unraveling the Enigma of DB Cooper regaled us as our speaker on Nov. 20th with his on-going research into the real identity of Dan “D.B.” Cooper.