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Thanks Steven

Steven Elliott, our speaker on Nov. 13th, is a veteran who served in the elite 75th Army Ranger Regiment which fought in Afghanistan. In 2004, he was deployed to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. During an enemy ambush, he is one of four Rangers who mistook NFL player Pat Tillman’s position for that of the enemy and fired there. Steven is one of two Rangers considered likely to be responsible for “friendly firing” the bullets that killed Pat Tillman. The shooting aftermath plunged him into the depths of guilt, shame and addiction, until unlikely grace, mercy & hope emerged. Steven has shared his story in the book, War Story. All proceeds from the sale of his book go to a variety of needed veteran causes. He stated that 22 vets per day are lost to suicide. Steven has served as a volunteer veteran’s court mentor and continues to speak about his experiences in an effort to advocate for change in how the unseen wounds of war are recognized and treated. Steven urged us to build bridges and connectivity with each other and above all, LISTEN!