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Rotary Angels 2018

Our Rotary Angels are underway with their shopping trips for this holiday season! We had multiple Rotarians out over the weekend shopping with our local school children.

Thank you to everyone who is participating this year, without you this could not be possible!

Fun Facts about the Rotary Angels 2018

  • We have 26 Rotarians signed up this year! 14 of our Rotarians have signed up their partner/spouse to join.
  • Hani Eid & Happy Kids Dental are taking out our remaining nine kids shopping who did not have an Angel this year!
  • We are taking a total of 50 kids shopping and spending a total of 100$ on each kid. That’s 5,000$ worth of presents for kids from our Longview Rotary Club & a local anonymous donor.
  • 10 of our Angels are newer Rotarians.
  • The SMILES & JOY this program brings our kids & Rotarians…. PRICELESS!

– Katie Ribelin, Rotary Angel Chair