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President Elect Training

On February 22. 23, and 24, I had the privilege of representing our Club as your President-Elect for 2019-2020 at President-Elect Training (PETS). The meeting was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Sea-Tac Washinton and there were over 700 other presidents-elect representing eight Rotary Districts. The meeting gave me the opportunity to meet and discuss Rotary and club leadership with a diverse group of individuals. It was noted while we were there that February 23rd was the 113th anniversary of Rotary.

The Theme for Rotary for 2019-2020 is “Rotary Connects the World”. The classes we took covered how best to tell Rotary’s Story, Leadership, Growing Clubs, and the Rotary Foundation. Notable speakers included RI President Elect Mark Maloney, Past RI President Rick King and International Director Jeffry Cadorette. The Main Purpose of the meetings was to learn more about Rotary, the good it does worldwide and being better prepared to lead our club during the next year.

RI grants $120 million each year from it’s Annual Fund to projects that improve the lives of people all over the world, in addition to providing resources to help eradicate Polio and an additional $15-$20 million in grants from its Endowment Fund. One area of concern for RI id the fact that Rotary membership worldwide has not grown for the past 10 years which means that there is the same number joining as leaving. I will share more as the year goes on. For Rotary to thrive and continue to do its good work around the world it needs to grow.