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District Governor Week in Longview

District 5020 Governor, Maureen “Mo” Fritz-Roberts, her Chief of Staff and husband Dale Roberts and Assistant Gov. Anil Puri spent last week in the Longview/Kelso area. Rotarians from the 3 Clubs had an informal opportunity to meet Mo at a reception at LCC on Tuesday evening.

Gov. Mo provided a short and humorous preview of her Governor message at that time, and we were aleft anticipating her program for our Club on Wednesday, September 25. Gov. Mo helped us induct two new members – as she put it, “One of my favorite things to do in Rotary.” To make her message as meaningful as possible, Gov. Mo told us about individuals she has met through her international travels on behalf of Rotary. She brings the Rotary story alive through these portrayals.

The story of Joy, a young woman in Africa, helped us see how one person, Joy, had helped her village and how we can all create a lifetime of joy for ourselves and others through service to others. Further, by using a familiar analogy of forgoing two coffee drinks each month, we can donate that $10 to the Rotary Foundation and help eradicate polio, support clean water projects and other Rotary causes.

Gov. Mo invited us to join her in the District Training and Conference in Victoria, B.C., May 15-16 and to meet her and hundreds of others at the Rotary International Conference in Honolulu, June 6-9.